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Let's explain Skoolonline features

Skoolonline is dedicated to helping you in bridging the communication gap between Schools and Parents. It helps in connecting the Student, Parent and School digitally through mobile app and a web portal.
Skoolonline Dashboard
Skoolonline Attendance

Attendance Management

An Intuitive application through which schools can manage their student attendance easily.
Skool dairy

Dairy Management

Update and maintain school diaries digitally with up-to-date information using Skoolonline application.
Skoolonline Fee

Fees Management

Online payments - Notify parents regarding fees due of their children individually at once in a hassle free way.
Skool transport

Transportation Management

Schools and parents can track the route map of school vehicle and driver information in real-time.
Skoolonline noticeboard

Notice Board Management

School can add all updates regarding school activities and parents will get notified for all updates through parent apps.
Skoolonline exam

Examination Management

Schools can update the exam schedule and exam results and parent can easily access it through parent’s app.

Parent App - Skoolonline

Parents can manage details of multiple children (studying in a same school) in a single Skoolonline parent app. Using this app, parents can easily access the complete academic details of their children. Parents can assure the safety and security of their children, as they can view the trip history and route map of the school bus in real-time. Parent’s app also gives access to the driver details. Parent can get timely notifications regarding examination schedules, report cards, school dairy of the student, fee terms and reminders, fee due dates, etc. The parent app also allows online payment of fees, which makes fee payment easy for parents.
Skool teacher

Teacher App - Skoolonline

Teacher App can help teachers to take attendance of the class from a mobile or tab. The teacher app automatically calculates number of students present, as well as absentees. It also updates leaves of the student and submit information to both school admin and parents at the same time. Teachers can update the allotted home-work for all the students in the class at a time, and can also give the feedback for the home work done by each of the students.

Driver App - Skoolonline

Through Driver app, the Web Admin as well as Parent can track the current bus position when driver app is used with a GPS enabled device. The driver can use “start trip” button when he starts the bus and then parent and school can track the bus position. Driver can view the required details of the students in his bus and can call to their parents when the driver reaches his destination. The driver can click on “end trip” after the trip of the school bus is over. All the parents will get notified with the ‘end trip’ alert.
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