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About SkoolOnline

After an extensive surveys on the current school management systems, Skoolonline was conceptualised and developed to bridge the gap between the schools and parents communication.

Our Vision: Both the parent’s school must have a connected synchronization for student success.

Our Mission: To reduce the gap between parent and school, we developed an innovative school management software “Skoolonline”- which connects the student, parent, and school digitally.

Skoolonline is a simple school management software that can be used by any school, institute, college or an individual private teacher to manage student related information smartly. Our online school management software is a cloud-based solution for real-time communication, to bridge the gap between parent and school through a digital technology utilizing web portal and mobile apps.

Skoolonline helps you manage the school data in an efficient way that assist collaboration and interaction with between teachers, students, parents and school with the help of the privileged and open modules.

  1. Daily attendance management.

  2. Information on the school notices board.

  3. School diary of the students.

  4. Examination schedules and report cards.

  5. Transport status.

  6. Smart fees management system.

  7. And many  more.

As every school needs innovative school management system for smart administration of schools, Skoolonline empowers school to connect with parents and share information of student, which is stored in cloud and can be accessed by signing in and login into a simple and highly secured application.

“Skoolonline – the School management platform, can be managed using two different modules: mobile app and web portal in sync.”

The facilities and features of Skoolonline helps schools to manage complete administration and also help in student and staff management information for e.g. maintaining daily attendance, scheduling examination, sharing report cards with parents, transport management and tracking live status of a bus, notice board management, fee management and all other students information exchange.

“All the features of Skoolonline has auto sync feature and auto calculates the data, which saves the time and reduces the effort required for the school administration.”

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